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my story as told my me Irene FranzeseBecoming a hairstylist was not my dream job.  When I was going to high school back in the 60’s most girls did not aspire to going off to college.  And for me it was not in the cards.  My mom was a single mom raising 3 children on her own.  My father was not the best example of fatherhood and for now I will leave it at that.


I lived in Brooklyn at the time and I was fresh out of high school at the age of 18.  I landed my first job for the New York Telephone Co.  It actually was pretty good.  I just had to walk around the corner to get on the Gates Avenue Bus for ½ hour and it dropped me off right in front of the Telephone Co…


I remember my first paycheck was around $65.  And I was so excited that I bought my mother our first color TV which was only I believe around 13 inches.  I was so happy to be able to do things for my mother.  She worked so hard for us kids and she deserved it with all she had been through.


Instead of her giving me an allowance, I now gave her money each paycheck to help her out with the bills.  That was such an accomplishment for me.  To be able to give back is such a powerful gift to have.  And now I have the opportunity to give back to people even more.


For this is my true passion to lift people up from where they are now to a higher power that they all have within themselves…But before I get into that, let me go on with my inner story…


My mom comes from a very large family.  She was one of 11.  She was the child in the middle.  She had 5 brothers and 5 sisters, and she was devoted to them her whole life, for my mom was the nurturer of the family.  They all lived on Long Island and she wanted in the worst way to live closer to them.


And so we finally did.  We moved to Rosedale which if any of you may know is on the Queens, Nassau borderline.  So we were a lot closer to our family, but I was a lot further from my job in Brooklyn.

But I did maintain that job for about a year.  It consisted of 2 buses and a train of which it took me 1 ½ hours to get to work now.  Wasn’t too bad until one day coming home I got accosted by 3  girls.   And if it wasn’t for a kind gentleman coming to my rescue, well I shudder to think what would have happened.  I was never a fighter, I am a lover, lol…


So needless to say that when I got home, I was so upset, that my mother said it was time to quit and look for something else. I was 21 and did not have a car or my license yet.


So I quit and I really had no idea what I was going to do.  At one time I looked back and said to myself what if I was still there.  I would have been retired now with a pension and stock options.

But I truly believe we should not look back, but look ahead.  For the future is another whole world waiting for us to discover newer and exciting things.


And that is when I spoke to a cousin of mine and she recommended going to beauty school.  I never really thought about it.  So I did some investigating and the next thing I knew I was registered and ready to go.  I actually had to take out a student loan back then.  For we did not have the $3000 it was going to take for me to get a Cosmetology License.


I went full time and on weekends I worked in Walgreens to give me gas money for my car that I finally got.  It was a hard road but one I am proud that I took.  I have no regrets.


And through the years I just loved  the law of attraction kind of seminars.


my story as told by me Irene FranzeseAnd I loved working with people and making them look nice.  Especially for their big days like, weddings, proms, engagements, etc. But I also love to be around positive people.  I never interact with the negative people that we can be surrounded with each and everyday.


Hanging around negative people breeds negativity.  And I truly will not allow it around me.  I just walk away from people who are expressing negativity…


Keeping this state of mind has helped me in my interactions with my clients also.  I never gossip about other people and I also look on the bright side of things…


I have now been in this industry for 45 years and like I said, it has been very good to me.  But about 2 years ago I knew it was time to move on.

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One of the reasons for changing gears, was my body was doing a lot of complaining, if you know what I mean.  I was developing arthritis in my neck and my right shoulder was really starting to bother me, because of all the repetition of lifting my arms everyday.


And I knew that there had to be another way to earn a living then standing on my feet for the rest of my life.


I needed to spread my wings and dive into something else.  I also knew I did not have enough saved for my retirement, for in my business if you do not put money aside, you leave little for retirement.  There is no such thing as a pension or 401K.  And even having those does not mean you will have enough or that it won’t be taken away from you.


My husband is a perfect example of that.  He worked for a company for 30 years, and when the company went under he lost most of it.  The Government stepped in and decided to give him only 39% of his original amount.


There are more people than none that have to keep working not so much because they still love it, but because if they stop, so does the money.  This is what I call cash flow.  For in our business we mostly get paid by commissions.  So if we don’t work we don’t make a living…


We don’t have vacation time or sick time, unless you work for a corporation like JC Penny or even Ulta, of which I tried that.


I would only work for a private Salon owned by one person.  I got much better commissions, but no time off with pay.  Even when I took a vacation, I had to make sure I saved enough to get me through that week of not getting paid.


I know some people will work behind the chair until they just can’t do it anymore.  A perfect  example is a women I work for now.  She is 75 and still going.  But she is in so much pain.  Between her feet, legs, toes, shoulders and back.  I just don’t know how she goes on.  She truly is not enjoying it anymore.  She is doing it because she needs the money to survive.  Pretty sad if you ask me….


Are you in this situation?  Trading your time for money?   Not being able to travel whenever you want to because if you don’t work for a week or two you lose those weeks in salaries.  And then that sets you back on your bills.  A vicious cycle don’t you think?


Want to be able to retire but can’t because there just will not be enough to sustain you till you reach your 90’s?


I did not want to follow in her footsteps.  I have always said that if you want to do something and you see someone has what you want, then you should follow that person and do what they are doing to achieve those results.


The same holds true for watching someone that you don’t want to be like.  I knew in my heart that it was time to move on.


my story as told my me Irene FranzeseI wanted to still help people but not standing behind the chair.  I wanted to be able to lift people up to show them that no matter what kind of job they have, there is a better way.  We were told  from early childhood to get a good education and get a good job or learn a trade.  So that is what I did.  I learned a trade and like I said it has been very fulfilling for me.


But today things don’t always work out the way society has told us it would.  People are losing their pensions and 401k’s and even if they have money tied up in the stock market.  I know plenty of people who have lost a big chunk of their retirement money because of the stock market crash of 2008….


So now you are in your 50’s or 60’s. Do you have enough saved to keep you above water when you retire.  Will there really be enough to carry you through to your 90’s especially when you start developing ailments that come with age?


Really take the time to think on the above paragraph.  For people go through their daily routine and never even stop to think.  And before they know it, 20 years has gone by and they have not reached some of their dreams and desires they once had as a child.  Like I said before, life gets in the way…..


This is where I have turned my attention towards now!


Now I help people to take back their freedom so that they can spend more time with their loved ones, the way God meant it to be.


To not have to leave their children at a daycare center because they have to go to work..To not trade their time for money to earn a living.  To be able to travel whenever the urge strikes them without having to ask a boss they can have time off.


I remember when I was much younger of having dreams to be able to travel the world and to have money to be able to do whatever I wanted to do and whenever I wanted to do it.


But then life gets in the way.  You get a job, get married, have kids and the bills begin to mount up. Then there is college to think of or a wedding to pay for.  This list goes on and you get older until one day you wake up and say where did all that time go?


If you feel that you are tired and worn out with what you are doing.  If you once had dreams and now they have been lost because you are caught up in everyday life.


You can get your life back.  You can start dreaming again.  You can spend more time with your families.


If you feel down deep that you want to take back your freedom then connect with me on Facebook and I will get back to you and we can discuss how we can put a game plan together for you to follow so you can win back your freedom….

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