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how baby boomers are reinventing retirement livingSo lets face it people.  Baby boomers are reinventing retirement living because they are living a lot longer then their parents and definitely their grand parents.


And the number of boomers are going to double in the year 2050.


Some boomers will be retired a lot longer then they were in the work force.  We are living longer and much healthier because of new technology and medicines.


And also because we are learning to eat healthier and exercise more frequently..


how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingIf you worked for the private sector like my husband did for 30 years, then don’t rely on that pension to help support you through your retirement.


His Company went bankrupt and because of that they only gave him 39% of his original amount.


About 40% of employees did receive their pensions back in 1975, that amount dramatically dropped in 2006  to 17%.  And every year more and more employers are reducing the pension and switching them over to 401k’s…..



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingBoomers are going to have to watch their pennies and be cautious about what they do with their retirement money.  If they are not careful their money will run out long before they will.


They will need to make choices on what risks they can take in order to stay ahead of inflation.  I had the same thoughts and feelings just like you.


I knew I had to do something to change so that I would have enough money to live out my life in comfort and stress free.



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how baby boomers are reinventing retirement lifestylesHere is the real clincher folks.  At age 70 you are required to withdraw a certain amount from your retirement accounts so you can pay taxes on that withdrawal.


And get this.  If you don’t pull out the right amount you get penalized.  You will have to pay 50% penalty and tax on the amount that you should have taken out.


Talk about a ponzi scheme….



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingMany boomers will have to continue to work to supplement their retirement.  It is not that they want to but more that they have to.


They still have bills to pay and then it’s  their medicines that they have to pay for.  Some will continue in the work force because they genuinely love the challenge and stimulation it gives them.


But then there are the ones that don’t want to work for a boss anymore.  They would love to add to their retirement incomes without working for someone else. They really do not want to get a part-time job.


I believe I have that answer below…



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingBaby boomers once retired don’t want to just sit around and vegitate.  They want to remain active.  They feel that they have a new lease on life and that this is a time for them to try new and exciting things.


They want to do more charity work, volunteering at their local hospitals and churches.


Some left a corporate job that gives them the opportunity to do some consulting work and maybe being a mentor to someone younger.


They want to travel more and of course some extra time for golf and visiting their grandchildren who probably live out of state…



how baby boomers reinvent retirement lifestyleThe baby boomer generation is becoming what we call the sandwich generation.


These boomers are still helping their children with their college funds and they are also helping their aging parents.  The last group to become boomers are the people born in 1964,


This is a group that just turned 50.  So they are not yet retired and are trying desperately to add as much as they can to their retirement funds.  But they are struggling because of them being in between  both generations.  There is an answer..



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingYou were able to receive your full retirement benefits at the age of 65 if you were born in 1937.


 But people born between 1943 and 1954 will not get their full retirement funds until they reach the age of 66.


The age gradually increases each year until you reach the age or 67 for those people who were born 1960 or later…



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingI remember when way back we would have a mortgage burning party.  Those were the days.


We actually would throw a party and burn our mortgage up.. That is not happening today.


As they say, those days are gone forever…There are more and more Americans going into retirement in debt for credit cards and still owing on their mortgages.


Some 60% of Americans who are 55 were deeper in debt in 2007 and has risen nearly 10% since 1990’s.



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingSome boomers will retire in their home towns.  They will never move away from friends and families just like the generations before them.


But then there are the ones that are adventurous and want to experience far away lands and cultures.  Again some of them will flock to retirement communities that give them plenty of things to do in ways of entertainment, activities and traveling clubs.


But the person who wants to think outside the box will travel to far away places like overseas and to South America.  Ever thought about Ecuador…


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There are about 8,000 boomers celebrating their 65th Birthday.  And at any rate the generation that lived through watergate, woodstock and 12% mortgage rates have a record of breaking all the rules.  Here are some ways that they are changing the rules on retirement today…



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingMore than half of those baby boomers are looking to have a second career.  They don’t want to sit around in rocking chairs waiting for time to pass them by.


They want to return to the work force, but it is not always about the money.  They just want to stay connected to people.


They want to still contribute to society.  And they want to feel that they can still make a difference….


And boomers only want to work part time so that their hours can be flexible.  They want to be flexible so that they have even amount of days working to days off.  The number of workers at the age of 55 and older grew by 4 million between the years 2006 and 2011, while the numbers of every other age group declined..



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingBeing a boomer and wanting to find a job is not easy.  Boomers are finding out that when they go out to find something they are told that they are over qualified.


In other words they are too old.  A lot of boomers have found age discrimination in the work place.


Boomers are getting around that by becoming entrepreneurs.  And between the age of 55 and 64 they make up nearly 21% of new entrepreneurs.  And that is up 14% from 1996 by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.


how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingMore than half of boomers who are single are open to dating again, but only 11% want to marry.  Nearly 1/3 of boomers between the age of 50 to 64 are single.


And because of so many of them being single they are the fastest growing group that are using the online match making websites..


There are so many new website that popped up because of them.  Some of them are called: 55 Alive, Senior Friend Finder, and Silver Singles. 



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingWhen it comes to exercising the boomers are flocking to the gym in record numbers.  They may be young at heart but their bodies are starting to break down.


Boomers are giving some of these facilities the opportunity to create more activities geared towards them like water aerobics and classes.


Boomers age 55 and older represent 1/4 of their memberships.


Policy holders offer boomers rewards for people who take care of themselves and penalized those that do not.  Staying in shape is one of the incentive for boomers to stay healthy and keeping their health costs down.


I am 68 and this is one of the classes I love to take.  It is called spin classes.  And if I don’t get to class I then take a bike ride outside my neighborhood.  I love getting outside in the fresh air…



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingDespite boomers worrying about their own retirement, they are also between two generations.  Hence the sandwich generation again.


Being 50 they are still helping to support their children who are trying to pay off student loans and are having trouble finding a good job.  And then they are helping to support their aging parents who probably also need financial aid.


So they have a lot on their plate along with supporting themselves and trying to save for their retirement..


More boomers are volunteering then ever before and charities welcome them with open arms because of their life experiences and skill that they bring



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingMost boomers want to live in their homes for as long as possible.  They raised their children their and it is hard for them to change.  But sometimes it is not feasible that boomers stay in their homes.  They need to downsize from the 4 bedroom, 2 car garage home to a smaller home or a condo.


Some are moving to a development that is popping up all over the country.  Where there are condos in a circle and in the middle is a court yard where some of them meet to socialize.  There are a sum of about 125 of these cohousing all over the United States.


Boomers who can afford to stay in their homes are doing major renovations.



how baby boomers reinvent retirement livingCommunity colleges are holding special course for boomers who want to go back to school to further their education or to learn a new skill.


Colleges and Universities are designing programs just for the 50 and older students.


Some boomers want to learn a new language or read books that they never got around to doing because of raising their children.



Some boomers will spend more years in retirement then they did in the work force.  Today’s boomers are putting off retiring until later.  They are choosing to work longer either through necessity or because they really want to. 


I believe that most boomers will have to work because their retirement funds will not sustain them up into their 90s if they live that long.  And us boomers are living longer and healthier lives.  So the chances that you will still be alive in your 90s is a very strong possibility. 


But how much will you need to take care of your every day expenses plus medical bills that will surely pile up?  I know I have thought about that a lot as I was getting closer to retiring.  I finally knew I had to do something different to change the course that I was taking. 


I have found a way to add to my retirement fund by way of a residual income each and every month.  I have gained marketing skills through courses that I have taken online.  I did not have to get in my car and drive to a school and I run my business right from the comfort of my own home. 


Are you willing to make a change in your life today to help you to live your retirement in style.   Stress free and to be able to travel where every you want to and whenever you want to.  Then look no further.


I am a boomer like you and I made a decision 3 years ago that changed my world for the better.  I have created my own economic future and do not have to rely on the Government for nothing. 


I have been writing this blog for 3 years now and have thousands of visitors each and every month.  I have all this knowledge that I want to share with you.  My mission is to help as many boomers as I can to add to their retirement income and to live a  life  free from stress.  After working all those years, don’t you deserve to be happy and to have more money and to do with it whatever you want to do with it.


So just take action and click on the banner below and I will be waiting on the other side to help and guide you in the right direction.  See you on the inside..


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