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Lets face it people.  Most baby boomers thought they had enough saved for their retirement and have found out to late that it will not be enough to sustain them to well into their 80s or 90s.   Yes we are living longer and healthier lives.  And was once thought as enough is not enough.


The rate of inflation is climbing faster then our Social Security checks are.  And the pensions we once thought would be enough is just not going to cut it.  And speaking of pensions, let me address this subject right now.


Some of us have lost our pension due to no fault of our own.  What was something we counted on that would be there when we retired, was not.  Perfect example is my husband.  He worked for Pan American Airlines for 30 years and had planned on a healthy retirement pension.  But the Company went bankrupt and the Government stepped in and decided to give him only 39%  of his original pension amount.  Now doesn’t that suck.  You work for a Company for 30 years and you get a kick in the ass as you walk out the door.


how baby boomers can make an extra incomeAnd we see the reality of this happening all around us.  Have you looked at Starbucks lately or your retail stores.  The jobs that were once held my kids working their way through school is now over runned by boomers. 


Yes boomers are taking extra jobs to supplement their retirement income.



Instead of working in stressful, demanding jobs after retirement, wouldn’t it be nice to find something fun to do that could also provide us with an extra income?  Look around, there might be more opportunities than you realize.


There are fun ways you can work and enjoy it at the same time.  You just need to do something that you enjoy doing so that it does not become a JOB that you don’t like but have to do just to supplement your retirement income.


Here are some fun ideas on what you can do:


Make something and then sell it:


Do you like to make jewelry or maybe you like to paint.  There are festivals and fairs all over the country that you can sell the items you have created.  And you get to meet others who are just like you doing the same thing.  It is fun and you get to be surrounded by like minded people who are enjoying what they do and love sharing it with other people. 


You can also get your own website and sell your things online.  A wonderful way to start with that is to have your own blog that is all set up for you and ready to go.  It is easy to use, especially for us baby boomers.  Trust me I know.  I am 68 and started my own online business using this platform.  And if this 68 year old who was a hairstylist for over 40 years can do this, you can too.


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I had no technical skills and no experience with being online.  But this platform made it easy to get started so you can start to create an income online.  But more about this later down below…


Write about your hobbies on your new blog

Do you like to crochet, knit, quilt, make jewelry or other crafts?  Start your own blog and share your knowledge and experience with others?  You could make a lot of money writing about hobbies when you plug into this incredible system that is geared towards the new people wanting to make money online.


Check out this website: Domestic Diva Online.  The author has turned her love of creating craft projects into a successful website where people can follow her detailed instructions and create adorable crafts of their own.


 Why not write about your experiences

Maybe you feel you don’t have hobbies to share but you have experiences that have happened in your life that you would like to share with others.  Think about what you have experience in.  Were you a teacher and have knowledge on certain subjects that will draw people to your blog for information on that particular subject. 


Or maybe you were a traveler and had experiences in far away lands and would like to share that.  Maybe certain places that people should stay away from or should definitely put it on their bucket list of places to visit.


Either way you can share your life experiences and draw traffic to your blog where you sell affiliate products that will produce a monthly income for you all the while you are in the comfort of your own home.


Even if your Social Security benefits are not very large and you have been unable to save a lot of money for retirement, that does not mean you have to face a poverty stricken retirement.  There are a variety of ways you can make extra money and many of them will be a lot of fun!


So I urge you to take a look at starting your own blog.  For only $25 a month you can be on your way to creating a better retirement lifestyle for you and your spouse.  Just click the banner below and get started today.


Looking forward to meeting and working with you…


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